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Loaves and Fishes - a plan for helping by giving and sharing

People who need your help are:

• a mother of three whose husband became ill and died during the pregnancy of their third child. She was forced to relocate and needs help with a deposit for new housing.

• a family of five whose father became ill and will not be able to work for a period of time. The mother is able to work doing babysitting for some money, but the family still needs help with food and utilities.

• an elderly man hard of hearing who needs help in accessing his V.A. benefits.

• a mother of two who became disabled at work and needs help with rent while waiting for workman’s compensation benefits to kick in.

• a family of four whose father became ill and had no medical benefits. He needs help purchasing antibiotics so that he can get well and return to work.

Where is the miracle?

Before the GSC can work its miracle of love for the needy it, too, needs to be given gifts from others. Just as a few loaves and fishes were the miracle Jesus needed to feed the multitude, the Center needs you to help provide the miracle that changes the poverty situation in the lives of our less fortunate neighbors. We need good-hearted people to donate $10, $20, $30, $50 or whatever you can afford.

How honored must have been the young lad of the Gospel who gave Jesus the loaves and fishes so that He could work His miracle of love and feed all those hungry people. Gifts from loving and caring people to the Good Samaritan Center make it possible for that same miracle of love to be worked in our midst.

How honored and rewarded will all those who now share their gifts with the needy be on that day when they stand in the presence of Jesus and He will say to them: "I was hungry and you fed me." "Now enter into the home of My Father." "For when you did it for the least of these, you did it for me."

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